Are the Satís tests compulsory?
For Key Stage 1 the Sats tests are not compulsory for pupils. It is up to the individual school whether they will take the tests or not. For Key stages 2 and 3 the tests are compulsory.

How will I get my child's results?
The school will send you a report which tells you what National Curriculum levels your child has reached in both the tests and in the teacher assessment. You will also be told how your child compares to the national and school averages.

What is the expected National Curriculum level that most children achieve?
For KS1, children should achieve at least a level 2. For KS2, children the level should be at least level 4. For KS3, it should be level 5 to level 6. Obviously there will be some children who achieve a higher or a lower level than this according to their ability.

What happens if my child misses a test?
In KS1, children who are absent on the day when a test takes place are given another opportunity to take the test. For KS2/3, children who miss a test are recorded as absent and are not given a test level in that subject. They will still receive a teacher assessment.

How will my child be prepared for the test at school?
It is up to the individual school how much preparation they do for the SATís. Most schools go through past papers to help children get used to the format of the tests. Some schools have ďbooster groupsĒ for children who may be struggling in a certain area of the curriculum.

How can parents help?
Parents can help their children prepare for the SATís by encouraging them in their schoolwork and homework. Let them have time to relax and play as well. Listen to them if they have a particular problem and donít be afraid to discuss any concerns you may have with your childís teacher. If you want to do some extra revision for the SATís at home there are plenty of SATís practice papers availabale for you to buy over the internet or through bookshops. (See next page).